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LAN Party Guest Guide

What is a LAN party?

A social gathering of people to play video games with each other over a network.

Generally, these are Bring Your Own Computer events. To offset the time setup investment, they generally span 8 or more hours.

Why would I want to go to a LAN party?

1. It's amazingly easy to make new friends at a LAN party.

The LAN party is the best place to meet new friends with an interest in video games. It's an opportunity to down some drinks and meet new people while enjoying the awesome hobby of video games. People who enjoy the same video games generally get along really well.

2. LAN parties are by far the most fun you can have gaming.

Let's say you just jumped into your favourite FPS, you just leapt out of the shadows and dodged a rocket. You then turn a corner and take off the head of your opponent with your shotgun and lightning fast reflexes. This final kill wins you the round.

To celebrate your awesome victory at a LAN party you could:
  • Pump your keyboard over your head yelling "VICTORY".
  • Round of fist bumps with your team mates.
  • Chug a full beverage in front of everybody as a display of your unquestionable leetness.
  • Savour the screams of disproval and look of anquish on your opponents faces.
  • Thrust your pelvis in your opponents direction while blasting KC & The Sunshine Band over your speakers.

To celebrate your awesome victory playing alone on the Internet you could:
  • Check facebook.

For teamplay, the level of immersion with your fellow players in-game is unparalleled when they are sitting only feet away from you. If you think you're good coordinating with your team over Mumble, you'll be playing at a totally new level when side by side.

3. LAN parties are the best "technical" gaming environment.

LAN parties are a zero-lag environment. Since you're directly connected with other players, all of your movement happens instantaneously. This greatly adds to the intensity of the game.

Sounds cool. Where do I find LAN parties?

Well, for starters, right here! Check out The Mega List to find a LAN party happening in your area. Of course, the other option is to have a party of your own. A small party is easy to put together and tons more fun than most other weekend entertainment options. We've tried to put together all the resources you need to host your own killer party.

What next? What to bring to a LAN party...