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Table and Seating Layout

Seating may be dependent on how power is layed out in a room, however if this factor is non-existent, or can be mitigated with power cords and equipment, there is a social science to how a layout should look from an attendee interaction perspective.

Some possible table layouts include:


Unfortunately all the above layouts discourage social interaction with other gamers at the party. People tend to keep to themselves and to their own smaller friend-groups as they are far away from everyone else. A lack of social interaction can be a major factor in determining whether or not an event survives in the long run.

One must remember that community is the driving force behind these events; interaction with other gamers is paramount and runs closely to the definition of what a LAN party is and why they are fun events.

The best way to lay out tables from a social perspective is much more condensed:

This provides an environment where everyone is much closer together. When people are close together, they will talk with eachother, make new friends, and have a much more enjoyable social experience. The denser gamer population also provides better photographs for sponsors if you decide to have sponsors. Put out a minimum number of tables for the population, and only bring out more tables on special request or heavy congestion.

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