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Gaming Terminology

Acronym for Bring Your Own Computer.

LAN or LAN Party
LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network, which is a way of connecting multiple computers together in a manner that allows the hardware to communicate very quickly. With the advent of multiplayer gaming, LAN Parties offer a way to play head-to-head with others in a lag-free environment. Advantages of a LAN include the ability to meet the gamers you're playing with, and to learn more about computer hardware and applications. The close proximity of players enables levels of interaction, coordination and smack talk unseen in ordinary online multiplayer.

"Low Ping Bastard". Used to negatively refer to players with low pings.

Ping Fucked
Occurs when one team has a much lower overall ping time to the server than another team. The server is purposely selected to achieve this effect.

One of the voicechat options in Tribes to voice frustration; a synonym for "Shit!". "Shazbot" is an allusion to the situation comedy Mork & Mindy.

Artifical Intelligence.

Robot. Same as AI.

Away From Keyboard.

First phase of testing software. The structure and most of the content has been developed but not all the intended features may be present.

The game character’s model or picture used to represent each player.

Second phase of testing software (not exclusively games) and last development phase prior to release. Most features have been implemented but some of these may be removed during the beta phase if they turn out to be too problematic to fix.

Open beta
The beta version of the software is available for anyone to test and report bugs to the company.

Closed beta
The software is only available to selected people who may be testing for very specific things.

Faults in the programming which cause unintended effects both good and bad – crashes, unintentionally high character advancement, etc.

To remain in one strategic place and repeatedly kill people or mobs.

When your console/computer stops responding until you hit the power button, or reboots itself without asking. Game servers also crash.

Short for Nintendo Dual Screen or Nintendo DS. A handheld gaming console with two screens that was released in Europe in October 2005.

Dance Dance Revolution. A series of games produced by Konami. They are played by hitting buttons on a dancemat instead of using traditional controller.

Electronic Entertainment Expo. A former expo for games and technology developers and publishers to show their upcoming developments. Now replaced by E for All and other games conventions.

See XP.

Expansion Pack
Lots of additional content for a game that is created by the developer and often costs almost as much as the original game did in the first place.

The in-built programs on hardware (DVD drives, PSPs) that operating systems use to talk to the hardware.

Kill. Can be used as a verb or noun, e.g. “I just fragged him” or “First team to 20 frags”.

First person shooter (game genre).

Frames-per-second, a measure of system performance.

To be ganked is to have your character killed by unfairly overwhelming odds – e.g. six vs one with all players at the same level or one-on-one but one player is twenty levels above the other.

Performing mindlessly repetitive tasks in order to level up or proceed in the game – most often seen in MMORPGs where you frequently have to kill massive numbers of unchallenging creatures around your level to gain the necessary experience to level up, or to get a specific prestigious item.

Applications written by unpaid, unlicenced coders to run on games machines like the PSP – could be an emulator, a homemade games, a web-browser, etc.

Hit points. The number of points of damage that your character can take before dying. Commonly used in RPGs.

Heads-up display. Easy-reference display that shows the most essential information (health, current weapon, radar, etc) on the screen without blocking your view.

Time delay between sending a command to the game and your character actually performing the action. Frequently cursed when the time delay is longer than expected.

Someone with a slow connection, or who is late to react.

Leeroy or Leeroy Jenkins
WoW meme. Someone who charges into his foes carelessly and dies in vain, screwing things up for his teammates. See Urban Dictionary and

Leet, 1337
Elite. See Wikipedia’s Leet page for more info.

Looking for group/party/person

Looking for party/person

Looking for members (i.e. already in a group, need more players)

Mana, MP
Mana or Magic Points. Spells often have an MP cost with higher spells costing more points. Commonly used in RPGs.

Massively Multiplayer Online, – Role Playing Game. Games where many players log in to a persistent game world and play the game together.

NPC monsters or opponents.

Files created for a game to add functionality of change the behaviour of a game, written by people who don’t work for the game developer. Official developer-released modifications are called patches. E.g. In the released version of Doom 3 the player could either hold a torch or a weapon, but not both at once. The “Duct Tape” mod for Doom 3 overrode the release version of the game to allow the player to see by their torchlight while holding the shotgun or machine gun.

Moderator. Someone who oversees forums or game channels. Duties include deleting undesirable posts and reprimanding troublesome users.

Noob, n00b, newb, newbie
Newcomer, inexperienced player (often derogatory).

Non-player characters. AI-controlled people wandering around in the background or story characters that you can talk to.

Beaten by quite a large margin.

Files distributed by the developer after a product is released that will change the software when they are installed. These are usually used to fix bugs and security issues but can be used to add functionality.

Player Character, as opposed to NPC. Also Personal Computer. Depends on the context.

PK, PKing
Player-killing. Usually used in the context of MMOs, where killing other players is not necessarily the object of the game.

Console type required to play the game. e.g. PS3, Xbox, 360, PC, DS, Wii.

Owned. One of those strange internet variations that start at typos and become words unto themselves.

Real life. The scary stuff outside gaming. IRL is also commonly used – In Real Life.

Role-playing game (genre), e.g. ZORK, Baldur's Gate, Bethesda's Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series, specially the early games.

Real-time strategy (genre), e.g. LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth.

(Relates to MMORPGs)
Server-clusters running isolated copies of the game. The game world is the same on each shard but player accounts on one shard can only meet up with player accounts on the same shard. Find out what shard your mates are using before you create your account, if you’re planning on playing with/against them.

Short for simulation. Also refers to any character in The Sims franchise.

The act of a character popping into existence in the game world.

Spawn point
A position at which several characters will pop into existence.

Spawn camp
To sit within range of a spawn point and kill characters as they appear, often before the newly-spawned players have a chance to get their bearings. Very heavily frowned-upon in most circles.

Characters with low HP pool and/or low resistance to damage.

Move sideways. This is often used as an evasive manoeuvre while shooting.

Character who can take a lot of damage. Also used as a verb. Tank characters are those who can aid their teammates by soaking up damage and keeping squishy characters safe. Often the tank will be a melee warrior and charge out in front of the team, distracting the opponents from weaker characters.

Turn-Based Strategy (genre), e.g. Sid Meier’s Civilization series.

A nasty practice where a player will crouch over a just-killed player’s body, appearing to dangle his private regions in the face of the dead player. A rather tasteless form of victory celebration.

Third-person shooter (genre) e.g. Gears of War.

World of Warcraft. A hugely popular MMORPG.

Want to sell/Want to buy. Commonly heard in the general areas of MMOs

Experience Points. Most commonly used in RPGs where characters must gather a certain level of XP to progress to the next level.

Zerg, Zerg Rush
Starcraft reference. Using large numbers of smaller/weaker resources to achieve a task typically achieved by fewer larger resources. To over-power someone with sheer numbers, rather than strength.

4X games
Strategy subcategory e.g. Sid Meyer's Civilization series.

“4X” stands for: “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate”.

“eXplore”: means is the early phase of the game where the players scout across a map to reveal the surrounding territories.

“eXpand”: stands for the phase where the player already knows the surrounding territory enough and is ready to start claiming that new territory by creating settlements, outposts or simply by increasing its influence over that territory like for example by increasing its population, by increasing trade range or map reach.

“eXploit”: In this phase the player is ready to start gathering resources from the areas under his control. The idea is to be as quick and efficient as possible to control these resources since they normally are limited and as more you have less your enemies will have left.

“eXterminate”: When the territory is almost but claimed and the available resources controlled, the only way to expand is … to get more terrain and more resources and normally this means the need to make war with an opponent in order to subdue him (by turning it into a protectorate or vassal) or to destroy him completely.