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Voice Communication

Talk to your people.

Text to Speech

Get your computer to read to you while you do something else!

Streaming and Media Software

  • OBS - The standard for streaming!
  • VLC - The best multimedia player on planet Earth. Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • qBittorrent - Best torrent client. Open source.

Multimedia Conversion

  • FFMPEG - The defacto cross platform standard. Command line.
  • WinFF - FFMPEG GUI for Windows.

Code Editors

Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome - Fast. Comes with Flash built-in, so you will not need to install Adobe.
  • Firefox - Mozilla's flagship browser.

Other Software

  • LibreOffice - Community fork of Open Office. The new standard since the Oracle takeover of Open Office.
  • WinMerge - The utility for doing code or text document merges on Windows.