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Starcraft: Broodwar

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment

Starcraft: Broodwar

Game Details

Cooperative Play
Windows, Linux (Wine), MacOS X
1337 (4.857143) by 7 users.

If you haven't heard of Starcraft you probably shouldn't be gaming. For this game is the best RTS of all time. You may say to yourself, "hey that is just a matter of opinion." Well you would be wrong, for just as sure as the Sun rises in the East Starcraft is the gold standard to which all RTSes are compared. Three well balanced races fight a constant battle for supremacy. Choose between the Protoss which favor quality over quantity or go to the extreme opposite and choose the numerous Zerg Swarm. In the middle of it all favoring balance between the two are the Terrans. Weigh your choice well for it may very well determine glorious victory or humiliating defeat at the hands of your opponents. Now go go go!!! Overview by Deathright.