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Red Alert 2

Developed by Westwood Studios

Red Alert 2

Game Details

Cooperative Play
1337 (4.833333) by 6 users.

Easily one of my favorite LAN Party RTS's of all time; Red Alert 2 is one of Westwood's crowning achievements, presenting an awesome retro-futuristic soviet atmosphere combined with intense strategy game play on par with an action game. The multiplayer is fast and furious. Play as the technically superior Allies with massive aircraft carriers, lazer tanks and commandos, or the brutally powerful soviets with legions of ak-47 packing conscripts, kirov airship bombers and nuclear missiles. Both sides are generally really well balanced and feature a wide assortment of over the top armaments. Unfortunately, Electronic Arts has since bought out and disbanded Westwood, pushing Red Alert 2, and the rest of Westwood's former games into disarray. Official support for this game has simply disappeared. Although there are community versions that exist which add much needed modern features such as TCP/IP LAN. Be sure to grab a few friends and have a total blast on this final gem by Westwood!