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Cortex Command

Developed by Data Realms

Cortex Command

Game Details

Cooperative Play
Windows, Linux, Mac
1337 (5) by 1 users.

Cortex Command is a unique action strategy game that will likely see a lot of action during those in-between installation times at your LAN parties. Harvest valuable gold, order weapons and robots, ravage your opponent, repeat. This game advertises an "advanced physics engine" on the box, and does not disappoint. This physics engine will provide you with many hilarious and intense displays of carnage. The physics part of the game is actually so fun that I guarantee you will be completely immersed with it; only later realizing that there is also a deep and interesting strategy game behind all of the action. The game supports up to 4 players or "brains" in deathmatch or team-based play. If you can get four friends together, the multiplayer is an absolute riot and will provide your party with many hours of enjoyment. A projector screen, and game controllers are highly recommended for the best experience. Overview by Gnat