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Counter Strike 1.6

Developed by Valve Corporation and Barking Dog Studios

Counter Strike 1.6

Game Details

Cooperative Play
Windows, Linux (Wine), Mac
Awesome (4) by 1 users.

Counter Strike used to be the game to play when wanting to play a competitive FPS. -- Known to Pro FPS players as a game that can stress the hell out of you because there are so many good players and Known to the noobs as the game everyone hacks in because they just really suck -- Back in the day, Lans flourished with Starcraft and CS. There wasn't the incredibly split gaming community like there is now. There was the early and mid cal years when the Cyber Athlete Ameture League pwned and didn't completely suck... and cal actually existed. Counter Strike United the FPS community in pure, harmonic head shots. With counter strike 1.x the point of the game is to guess where the server has decided the hit-box is for other players in the game... is. Using a random number generator, Counter Strike 1.x kept you guessing if the server had bad reg, or if you just sucked. It really kept players on their toes. With features such as "FSCKING LAG" and "LOL NUBS THIS SERVER HAS BAD REG, WHERE'D YOU RENT IT? WALMART?" and of course "CS IS FULL OF FSCKIGN HACKERS" it is the perfect i dunno what the hell I am talking about anymore.. sheesh on to the next thing Another great thing about Counter Strike 1.x is it can run on almost any machine. It takes very little resources to play, so people who haven't upgraded their gforce2 yet can play the game. the main games are Bomb Defuse and Hostage. Hostage usually means playing assault. Assault usually consists of 2 decent players dying trying to get the hostages, and the rest of the players camping outside while waiting for a terrorist to get bored and walk outside. The terrorists always win because the CT's have to save the hostages but they are camping sons of bitches. Defuse usually consists of terrorists planting the bomb, and counter terrorists defusing it.. yep. I guess what I am saying, CS is old... full of really good crusty asshat players who don't want to move to CS source because it changed some crap that they could have gotten used too if they just took a half hour and played CS Source. Overview by etherlan