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Armagetron Advanced

Developed by Open Source Community

Armagetron Advanced

Game Details

Cooperative Play
Windows, Linux, Mac
1337 (5) by 3 users.

This game is solid, fun, addictive and best of all competitive! highly recommended for LANs that need a break from RTS and FPS. Armagetron Advanced takes the Race Bike Snake-like game from the classic Tron, and puts you (the player) right into one those bikes in a full 3D environment. Players play against eachother in either free-for-all or king of the hill. There are also unique game types you can add to your Armagetron Server. The point of the game is to trap players by enclosing them with walls that are left over from behind your bike, and then have them crash into walls. The game has great camera angles. First person, Above, right beside the Bike. The controls are very responsive, and simple. It's all about how quick you can think to plan ahead your path, and maneuver around walls. Although not the Best damn non RTS FPS game around, It holds its weight. Yeah, this is definitely the best damn non RTS FPS game around. And hey, it's not WoW! Overview by etherlan