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Left 4 Dead

Developed by Valve Corporation

Left 4 Dead

Game Details

Cooperative Play
Windows, Linux (Wine), Mac
Okay (2.6) by 5 users.

Left 4 Dead is a cooperative first-person shooter video game. This game has intense action and explosive dynamics around every corner. The graphics along with gameplay give a sense of realism and anticipation. The game has one of three options for fraggers to enjoy: The first option is to go co-op with 3 other friends. Here all four players can maneuver around 4 selected maps to avoid the zombie horde and reach their objective. The second option was recently implemented by Valve to include 4 vs. 4. Here you have 4 survivors and 4 infected against each other. The survivors, just like in the other scenarios, must complete their objectives. The infected however, must prevent this from happening. Both cases require coordination and planning to win the round. The third option available is the horde mode. There you take on waves of infected for as long as you can go. While this is only a 4 person match- intense moments, cooperation among players, and frantic decision making can make or break you in this event. Overview by LongShot902