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#1 : : April 17, 2013. @ 05:35 AM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

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Supreme Commander casts of great replays

Hi there,
I make Supreme Commander casts of great games, if you like watching Supreme Commander or want to learn a bit from some analysis of top-level gameplay then why not come check out my channel!

Here are a selection of decent videos to give you an idea of what I do:

Here is my first tutorial which is a great intro for new players:


#2 : : April 30, 2013. @ 11:16 AM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

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Re: Supreme Commander casts of great replays

Cool, yeah, I am aware of your channel, zaphod; good work!

For those reading this looking for more in-depth analysis casts, I cannot recommend more highly of TA4Life; check him out as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/praisegugleourmaster

TA4Life casts a lot of 4v4 Seton's matches, as well as 1v1 tournaments, and has casted many games of TLO (yes, the Starcraft 2 player).

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