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#1 : : March 14, 2012. @ 03:24 AM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

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Fitness for Starcraft Players


Put your knowledge and passion for Starcraft into better understanding how to level up your body. The guys over at Titan Combine have written a number of good articles on the subject... such as:

Your 3 Most Effective Lifts


  • Squat – Terran Marine

  • Deadlift – Protoss Stalker

  • Bench Press – Marauder

Sleep - Defending the Zerg onslaught.

The Importance of Warming Up.

Why Failure is Okay.

I hope this helps encourage some of you fellow Starcraft players out there who are on the fence about a workout routine!

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#2 : : March 23, 2012. @ 07:39 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

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Re: Fitness for Starcraft Players

Great information Gnat. I definitely agree that as a gamer and/or "g33k' that workout and gym routing is of most importance to ensure that you stay in shape and healthy living style.