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#1 : : September 6, 2023. @ 10:56 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

lowes emily
Magnavox Odyssey
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P2Pah WoTLK:The buzzer should be delayed

Thanks to Mecca on the discord for mage for making this great table. And basically the TLDR is that once you've been attracted to the spider that's our phase one best trinket as Alliance, you're going to need to change your potion of speed to potion of Wild Magic in order to not be haste capped, and then as horde for conserving.

The consensus is that you'll want to put off this until after the burst time because otherwise lost icy veins because they're keen and also an ingredient of speed, you're sure be at the top of your speed.

The buzzer should be delayed until it is until it is a bit more intense, then as soon as you're in the arms of the spider, change that speed potion to potion of Wild Magic, and that should be enough to break up the cooldown of your haste, so you're not wasting lots of haste. For these burst windows if you're just wasting around 30 haste per hour, that's not much of a thing. It's worthwhile to make use of the haste available in the burst window to maximize the window of burst.

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