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#1 : : June 19, 2012. @ 03:00 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

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Forced anonymous posting?

Over the next few days I will be toying with the idea of implementing a "Forced Anon" for parts of these boards. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this concept.

The main advantages I can see will be:

  • Content will be judged for the content, and not by the name attached to it. Less hierarchy.

  • Honest, unfiltered discussion.

  • Fairly unique for a gaming community outside of a chan board.

  • More content in a smaller area due to lack of avatars, signatures, etc.

Forced anon may also bring a few disadvantages:

  • Lack of user information if you want to get in touch with somebody personally.

Am I missing anything?

Unique random ID's for users per thread will stay in order to prevent spamming/samefagging.

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#2 : : June 19, 2012. @ 04:02 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  


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Re: Forced anonymous posting?

which part of the boards?

#3 : : June 21, 2012. @ 11:23 AM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  


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Re: Forced anonymous posting?

If i'm not mistaken it will be the Random General board