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#1 : : June 19, 2012. @ 03:55 AM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  


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Site look and feel

For some reason, i have to scroll left and right on my monitor to see the whole website. Is this something you can adjust for those of us who might check the forums from work and don't have wide screen monitors?

Also, on the listing of the LAN parties on the home page, can you sort they by date, making the one this weekend the first on the list? It would sure make things easier to track and plan which ones to go to.

I wish you the best of luck with the site, it's such a good idea as other sites such as lanparty.com is very outdated and no-one uses it anymore!


#2 : : June 19, 2012. @ 11:14 AM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

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Re: Site look and feel

Hey twodavez! The best you'll currently be able to do is scale the site using your browsers zoom function. A mobile version of this site is on the to do list.

LAN Parties are sorted chronologically on the front page, and event history page. They are sorted by location (country, province, then city) on the region page. I've just implemented a fix where an event will be on the front page up to a maximum of 3 days after it begins. I hope that helps. Tell me what you think!

LANParty.com's site and crew and attitude were an enormous inspiration to us. Like Woot Events, LANParty.com was a big project with multiple years of development and they have unfortunately moved on.

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