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#1 : : March 19, 2015. @ 12:47 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Magnavox Odyssey
Joined: March 2015

LAN Party at college

Hey there, I'm new here and I'm sorta putting together a LAN Party for my school aiming for at least 30 people.

I already the room and the date which is on Arpil 11th. I want to put up  a few games to for visitors compete for and win prizes. So far I got people on board for DOTA 2.

Can you recommend other games for the following genre?

Arena Shooter

oh the school is New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

#2 : : June 27, 2015. @ 01:43 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Magnavox Odyssey
Joined: May 2015

Re: LAN Party at college

I know I'm late for this one, but in case you think about running another event in the future...

Arena Shooters:

Any Unreal Tournament (2004 my personal fav)
Quake 3 Arena (4 is pretty much 3 with the better gfx, but 3 is a classic)


Starcraft 1/2
Supreme commander (long matches)


I usually brows the steam "Free" sections to look for anything that catches my eye. Might not be as good as the paid for games, but free means everyone has it or can get it without paying any money, which equals more participation/fun.

Watch out for power issues and make sure you have enough circuits in that room. Back in college we did the same thing and the room only had 1 circuit which started failing after 7 pc's were turned on. We ended up running extension cables to other rooms which the janitors and teachers didn't like (safety concerns)