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GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

Hold on to your seats because we are about to tell you the biggest GottaCon news since we launched our event. GottaCon is excited to announce that we are moving, effective our 2014 show, to the Victoria Conference Centre and changing dates to February 28, March 1 and 2, 2014.

GottaCon Conventions was approached by the City of Victoria as well as a representative of the local video game studios to not only move the event to the Victoria Conference Centre but to do it for 2014. Needless to say we were speechless but up to the challenge. We have now met and negotiated the move with the parties involved and we are pleased to say that it is moving forward…and fast!

Mayor Dean Fortin and the City of Victoria are very excited about the potential GottaCon brings to our home town and the benefits this will bring to the local economy.

“The video gaming industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the technology sector and is a key element of our local economy”, said Mayor Dean Fortin. “I am very excited that this notable event will take place downtown close to the 19 studios where so much of this creativity is born”.

The event will expand to shine a light on the amazing video game studios that can be found all around the Capital Regional District. These fantastic companies are playing a big role in making all this possible.

“I think GottaCon is the perfect event to highlight our video game industry.” said Eric Jordan, CEO of DJArts Games. “Gamers are the heart of the video game industry and GottaCon is dedicated to the celebration of games and our community of gamers.”

GottaCon would like to say a special thanks to the Victoria Video Game CEO Alliance which consists of DJArts Games, Kixeye, Microsoft Studios, InLight Entertainment, Kano/Apps, GameHouse, Zynga, Tiny Mob Games and Race Rocks 3D.

Please bear with us as we are in the early stages of this significant development. We will be working extremely hard to continue to deliver the quality event that you have come to know. Floor plans, website, information packages, etc are all in the process of being updated. We are tremendously excited about this amazing opportunity and we hope you will be too. Please join us February 28, to March 2, 2014 at the Victoria Conference Centre for the best GottaCon yet!

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

GottaCon is a three-day broad spectrum gaming convention that is held annually in Victoria, British Columbia. GottaCon celebrates the science fiction and fantasy genres, covers many related hobbies and offers a one stop experience for the fans and enthusiasts of those genres.

The vision of GottaCon is to host something for everyone including free-play and tournaments in board games, collectible/non-collectible miniatures, collectible trading cards, role-playing games, and electronic gaming as well as demonstrations, contests, information sessions, workshops, a variety of exhibitors.

Our goal is to deliver a high quality and exciting environment that will establish GottaCon as an annual destination that participants will return to for years to come. Our 2014 event, called GottaCon 2014, will be our sixth show.

History of GottaCon Attendance
First show (GottaCon 2009) attendance:    600
Second show (GottaCon 2010) attendance:     900
Third show (GottaCon 2011) attendance:    1100
Fourth show (GottaCon 2012) attendance:    1500
Fifth show (GottaCon 2013) attendance:    1600
Anticipated GottaCon 2014 attendance:    1800 to 2000 Individuals

If you still haven’t experienced what GottaCon has to offer then you should definitely check out our 2014 show. For more information, please visit our website or e-mail one of the owners or our staff at the following addresses:

Carson Upton, Partner:     cupton@gottacon.com
Evan Hatch, Partner:     ehatch@gottacon.com

Chris Gensey, Volunteer Manager:    volunteers@gottacon.com
Mike Gruber, Role Playing Game Manager:    rpgs@gottacon.com
Lee Guille, Board Games Manager:     boardgames@gottacon.com
Paul Puhallo, Miniatures Manager:     ppuhallo@gottacon.com
Sol Kauffman, Social Media Manager:     socialmedia@gottacon.com
BC Gamer, LAN Operations:     lanoperations@gottacon.com
Kellan Johnson, LAN Events Manager:    lanevents@gottacon.com
Wilf Rondeau, Office Manager:   

We will also be making numerous announcements over the next few months around sponsors, events and developments so please keep an eye on our website, facebook and twitter account to stay up to date.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our convention.We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our convention.

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

Official Accommodation Providers of GottaCon 2014

GottaCon Conventions is pleased to announce that The Fairmont Empress and the Quality Inn Downtown Victoria are our two accommodations sponsors for GottaCon 2014. Each hotel offers great services and special convention pricing to our attendees. Please find below a brief description of the rooms and prices at each of the hotels. For more details on each sponsor please visit our website.

Please be aware that the hotels sold out of rooms last year so book your rooms as soon as possible! When you call to book your room at either of these locations, please mention you are attending the GottaCon convention to benefit from our special room rates. The GottaCon 2014 standard room rates are as follows:

Fairmont Empress - $99+Tax/Night - Two Double/Double Beds or One King
721 Government Street, Victoria, BC
250-384-8111 or 1-800-441-1414

The Empress is attached to the Victoria Conference Centre where GottaCon 2014 is being held and is on the door step of Victoria’s Inner Harbour with access to major attractions, shopping and dining in the downtown core of Victoria.

Victoria Quality Inn - $65+Tax/Night - Two Queen Beds or One King or One Queen
850 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC
250-385-6787 or 1-800-661-4115

The Quality Inn is a two minute walk (1.5 blocks) to the Victoria Conference Centre where GottaCon 2014 is being held and is in the downtown core giving access to major attractions, shopping and dining.

Please visit our website to discover what each hotel has to offer and what is included with a room.

We urge all our in/out of town guests that require accommodations to use our hotel sponsors to help us forge lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved. Remember to mention you are attending the GottaCon convention to benefit from our special room rates.

Once again, we are pleased to have the Fairmont Empress and the Quality Inn Downtown Victoria as sponsors of our convention on the weekend of February 28 to March 2, 2014.

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

GottaCon 2014 Ticket Packages On Sale October 25, 2013

GottaCon tickets will go on sale starting Friday October 25, 2014 on our website as well as at numerous retail locations (visit our website for a list of locations).  There are different prices for each day as well as a full weekend pass price, family package prices, special packages which include entry into some of the major events as well as “add-on” options including our GottaCon 2014 t-shirt and dice set, video game themed burlesque show (18+) and BYOC seat reservations. There are a number of reasons why you should get your tickets in advance of the big show.

Most of our ticket options discounts for advance purchases.
Once you have purchased a ticket and our warhorn site goes live in November you will be able to preregister for events via our warhorn event registration site. Preregistration allows you to reserve your seat at the events you want as seating at most events is limited. It also helps you evade standing in the event registration lines the days of the convention to sign up for the events.

For full details visit our website.

* There are limits on the number of different passes this year. Limits are noted in each pass type on our website.
* If you purchase your tickets via our site/Paypal you will receive a confirmation email with a unique code. You must bring a copy of this email/code with you to gain entry to our event this year.
* If you purchase your tickets via a store location you will receive a ticket from the store with a unique code. You must bring this ticket with you to gain entry to our event this year.
* When you show up we will enter the code into our database and check you in. Without this code we will not be able to check you in and thus you will not be able to enter GottaCon 2014.
* We will have “Will Call” again this year which means starting at 2:00pm Friday February 28, 2014 you can come to the entrance to GottaCon 2014 and check in, receive your badge and be told a location where, once the doors open, you will be able to enter the event simply by presenting your pass.
* The Will Call station will also have the ability to allow people to purchase tickets in advance of the doors opening between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. This is in an effort to decrease processing time at the doors on opening night.
* Replacement of lost or forgotten badges will result in a $10 per day reprinting fee in which official identification will be required, so don't lose your badges.
* The convention venue closes down to the public between 4am and 8am each day.
* All prices are in Canadian Dollars, all sales are final. If you wish to upgrade your online ticket purchase, contact us at ehatch@gottacon.com.

GottaCon 2014 T-Shirt and Dice Package

Once again GottaCon is happy to offer a T-Shirt and Dice package to our attendees. The package includes one t-shirt with GottaCon 2014 graphic on it (GottaCon Time or GottaCon Ponies) and a set of Chessex dice (seven pieces) which will match our promotional die that is given with purchase of a full weekend pass or package while supplies last. Also if you purchase a full weekend ticket or full weekend special event pass and the t-shirt and dice package you will be granted early access to GottaCon 2014 (Friday February 28, 2014 at 4:30PM instead of 5:00PM). This package will only be available until February 4, 2014. This package will not be available at the convention.

Package includes one shirt design and Custom D6 and Matching Dice Set

GottaCon Ponies


GottaCon Time

GottaCon 2014 Dice

For full details visit our website.

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

GottaCon 2014 Magic: The Gathering Events Lineup

Once again Yellowjacket Comics and Toys along with a team of certified DCI judges will be running our Magic: The Gathering events at GottaCon 2014 and we have our most exciting lineup of events ever!

A VERY important detail this year is there is a set limit of 150 MTG Weekend Passes available for purchase. At the time of writing we are already 17% sold out. If you want to receive maximum value with regards to MTG events at GottaCon 2014 get one of these passes before they are sold out. The advance ticket price (until February 4, 2014) is $65 GST included. At the door (if there are any left) they will be $75 GST included. Entry into the MTG events at GottaCon will still be possible without an MTG weekend pass but only while seating is available and you will need to pay each individual events entry fee on site at the Yellowjacket tournament reporting centre.

Wizards of the Coast is supporting our convention (thank you Wizards!) and as a result we will be hosting two fantastic special events again this year. These events are a Mini Master tournament and an all weekend Intro Deck Duels. How these special events work is included in the event descriptions below.

The Magic the Gathering weekend pass this year will cost $65 taxes included and will include the following:
-    Full weekend pass to GottaCon 2014 (valued at $45)
-    One Pro Tour Qualifier: Journey Into Nyx Standard Tournament
-    One Sealed Tournament Flight Entry
-    One Mini Master Tournament Entry
-    One Intro Deck Duels Entry
-    One FNM Standard Constructed Four Round Tournament

As you can see the value of the MTG weekend package is very good and we hope you are all as excited as we are.

We are also hosting the first of a series of legacy events, TJ Silver Power 9 Legacy Series (Pick a Mox). Starting this year, at GottaCon 2014, we will host the first of nine exciting tournaments which will each feature a first place prize of one “power 9″ card. Each year, for the next nine years, we will host one of these events.

At this year’s event we will host a Legacy tournament with the winner selecting one Unlimited Mox of their choice. Prizes for additional placements will be announced later along with more details. On the 10th anniversary of GottaCon (2018) a Beta Black Lotus will be up for grabs! This event will only continue if participation by the players/communities of Magic: The Gathering.These cards have been generously donated by one of our very own Magic community players. GottaCon would like to thank, from the bottom of our collective heart, the wonderful TJ Silver for supplying the cards which will be available to be won.

There will be thousands of dollars in prizes to be won in our MTG line-up. If you would like to see more in depth information on these events please check our website.

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

Pre-Registration of Events Now Available

The Warhorn site is now ready for advance ticket holders to create accounts and start signing up for events.  Please keep in mind that events will be continuously added over the weeks to come and we will provide updates on what was added on the site listed above starting December 5, 2013. On or around December 17, 2013 an excel and PDF version of our event listing will be available on our website as well.

Also, there are a couple changes to how events are laid out this year. The first thing you will notice is that we have more slots than ever before, 23 in total. In order to aid organizing events over the weekend we now have two hour and one hour slots covering the entire weekend. Due to the increased number of slots events in Warhorn will only be placed in slot that they are scheduled to start in.

In order to pre-register for events you must first purchase an advance ticket to our convention.  To do this please visit our website or visit one of the four retail locations selling our tickets.

How to Pre-Register for Events
Warhorn went through a large change this year and for now on you only need to create a Warhorn account once. Once you have an account you can join events on Warhorn through that single account.

Please follow these steps to create an account and start registering for events for GottaCon 2014:
1.) Pre-purchase a ticket via our website, Warhorn site or store location
2.) Go to Warhorn and create an account
3.) Login to your Warhorn account
4.) Click on “View all upcoming events”, then search for “GottaCon”
5.) Select GottaCon 2014 then in the upper left corner select “register for this event”
6.) Wait for GottaCon Staff to clear you (remember only people who have purchased tickets can pre register for events). You will receive an email letting you know you have been cleared.
7.) Once you have been cleared, you login to your Warhorn account and select GottaCon from your “Events you're attending” area.
8.) Browse the event listing (while logged in) by going here. To register for an event click the “play” button for that event.
9.) Then you sign up for the events you want

If you are organizing an event, a volunteer, an exhibitor or special guest at our show please let us know specifically how you are involved with our show and we will clear your account.

If you don't get a chance to pre-register for events, there will be a registration desk at GottaCon where you can sign up for the event you want.  But why wait when you can sign up now, get through the doors faster and secure your seat at the games you want to play!

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

2014 Warmachine/Hordes Lineup

GottaCon is pleased to announce that it will be hosting larger Warmachine/Hordes tournaments at GottaCon 2014 on Feb. 28 to Mar. 2, 2014. Come take part in what will surely be the largest Warmachine/Hordes event ever to have been run in BC. This event is sponsored in part by Privateer Press, Wiser’s Wide World of Collectibles, Advance Deployment and Attack-X. Please see below for event details.

Starting Saturday our feature Warmachine/Hordes GottaCon Steamroller Championship tournament begins. A two day Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller tournament will run both Saturday and Sunday starting at 9:30am each day. Day one will see three rounds of play and day two will see the final three rounds of play. Army point limit is 50. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories; first, second, and third overall score as well as best painted army. Rules and restrictions as per the official Steamroller tournament format. There is a seating limit of 64 players. Tickets are now on sale (at time of writing is over 80% sold out) and will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Friday night will see a Team Tournament starting at 7pm. This event will pit teams of 3 players against each other in a chess style tournament. Retailers, Game Clubs and Groups of Friends are encouraged to put a team (or multiple teams) together and represent yourselves this year at GottaCon!! Each of the 3 players will be ranked by skill level: General, Captain, and Lieutenant. Each rank will be matched against the same rank during matches. Additional prizes will be awarded for best team appearance/name. Come out and show everyone why you think your team is the best!! 16 team maximum, 3 players per team (48 player’s maximum). See our website for event details and rules. Each team member must register!

Starting Saturday night at 7:00pm our doubles Steamroller event begins. Teams of two will face off against other teams battling it out for first overall in this three round event. Rules and restrictions as per the official doubles tournament format. The player limit is 16 players (8 teams) and will be on a first come first serve basis. The point limit is 25 per team member.

All weekend, day or night, Warmachine and Hordes players at GottaCon 2014 will be able to participate in the Iron Arena! Bring an army and play against an opponent in this open-play format. You decide upon the points value for the games. Collect points and redeem them to pick up some great prizes!!

The price to gain access to GottaCon all weekend long and enter into any of our miniature based events (while seating is available) is only $50 GST included if you buy your ticket in advance!! Stay tuned to our website as we will announce other miniature based events including painting contest. If you have any questions please contact our miniatures manager, Paul Puhallo, at ppuhallo@gottacon.com. Thank you.


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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

Video Games Line-up at GottaCon 2014

Today we are pleased to announce the Video Game line-up for GottaCon 2014. Below please find our list of game systems, games and tournaments planned for GottaCon 2014, which will be held February 28 to March 2, 2014 at the Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria BC (720 Douglas Street).

This is the biggest year for video gaming at GottaCon yet, and we don’t just mean in size. Sponsors and prizing are insane! This year we are pleased to announce the following sponsors:

NCIX.ca, Canada’s premier online computer store, as our presenting sponsor
Logitech G-Series™ as our official PC LAN sponsor
Shaw Communications as our internet sponsor
Azubu TV as our stream sponsor

We have numerous additional major sponsors and organizers for our video games area including: HyperX, Gamdias, Cooler Master, Ubisoft (ShootMania and Trackmania2), Torn Banner (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare), Future Shop – Langford location, Bugbear Entertainment, BC Gamer, and Teamspeak. All of these fantastic companies have provided substantial support in the way of prizes and technology.

For details on all our exciting event lineup, details on GottaCon LAN stage, and what is included with a BYOC seat please visit our website.


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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

GottaCon 2014 Panel Line-Up

GottaCon 2014 is pleased to announce a variety of discussion panels and special events for the 2014 convention. Throughout this week, we’ll be making a number of announcements about the discussion panels and our guests, broken up by day. On Friday GottaCon will host Standard Action Live Action D&D and Video Game Burlesque Show.

For all the details on these special events and performers please visit our website: http://www.gottacon.com/panel-line-up-f … -1-friday/

Saturdays list of panels and special events will include a costume contest and a Live Improv Double-Header – Two Shows For The Price Of One, Plus Short Film.

For all the details on these special events and performers please visit our website: http://www.gottacon.com/panel-line-up-f … -saturday/


Sunday has 6 exciting panels running from The Future of Gaming to PC vs Console, Digital vs Physical, Cable vs Netflix.

For all the details on these panels and the panelists sitting on them please visit our website: http://www.gottacon.com/panel-line-up-f … -2-sunday/

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

GottaCon 2014 Panel Line-Up Part 2 – Saturday

Panels of GottaCon 2014 on Saturday

Creating DIY Video Games – Indie Syle!
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Game Master’s Dirty Tricks: Troubleshooting Tabletop Tribulations
Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm

Getting Into the Video Game Industry
Time: 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Standard Action Screening
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Everything You Wanted to Know About Building A PC (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm

The World of Ingress
Time: 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Costume Contest
Sponsored by: Dragon Impact
By: GottaCon & Northwest Fan Fest
Day: Saturday
Registration: 10:00am to 4:30pm at the Northwest Fan Fest Booth, located next to the GottaCon Photo Booth
Deliberation: 5:00pm to 6:00pm in the main theatre – closed to the public
Awards Presentation: 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the main theatre – open to the public

Live Improv Double-Header – Two Shows For The Price Of One, Plus Short Film
Brought to you by GottaCon, The Critical Hit Show and Improvised Dungeons and Dragons-Victoria
Time: 8:00pm to Midnight
The Critical Hit Show (8:00 pm start)
Game Companion – A short film (9:30-ish start)
An Improvised Dungeons and Dragons (10:00 pm start)
Price: $10 with valid Saturday convention pass for entry to all. $20 at the door starting at 7:30pm.

Complete panel and guest information can be found here.

For full details on Saturday events and on the panelists and performers visit our website

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

GottaCon 2014 Panel Line-Up Part 3 - Sunday

Panels of GottaCon 2014 on Sunday

The Future of Gaming
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Making Kickass RPG Adventures
Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm

Storytelling in Video Games: Telling Tales Around the Digital Campfire
Time: 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Memorable Characters in Literature and Games
Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

The Art of Gaming
Time: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

PC vs Console, Digital vs Physical, Cable vs Netflix
Time: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Complete panel and guest information can be found here.

For full details on Sunday events and on the panelists and performers visit our website

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

GottaCon 2014 Wrap-up

GottaCon 2014 saw explosive growth from over last year, with approximately 3000 individuals coming through the doors. 2013 saw 1600, meaning our attendance growth was a staggering 88%! Our new venue and hosts (The Victoria Conference Centre, Fairmont Empress and the City of Victoria) were exceptional and their support and assistance with delivery made it a very positive and memorable experience. We can’t even count how many times attendees, exhibitors, guests, sponsors, etc came up to us and commented how great the new venue turned out to be.

Summary of Successes:

Continued increase in attendance (88% increase)

Our volunteer team of over 65 “Wardens” did a fantastic job given the unexpected attendance

Record number of individual events by record number of event coordinators delivered

Video Gaming LAN was hugely successful and will see another increase next year to 250+ BYOC seats. Introduction of our new tournament systems and upgraded stream coverage was well received. LAN functioned at 100% for the entire event.

RPG growth in Pathfinder as well as various other systems was significant

Huge Magic: the Gathering events continue to be an attraction and saw record attendance

GottaCon continues to host the largest miniature based event in western Canada…likely in Canada with 170+ competitive players playing at one time

Board games area saw huge growth and was consistently busy, BG library saw another large increase in use (nearly 300 sign outs) and more freeplay space is once again need to accommodate demand.

Introduction of second track of panels and nearly 3x as many panels was well attended

GottaCon Attendee Ticket and Event (GATE) System continued to successful speed up attendee registration in the face of near double attendee numbers.

Student day was a huge success with over 400 secondary students attending our video game industry panel and unveiling of the student work experience opportunities project through the local video game studios.

GottaCon and VIATeC held the first pre-show media event Friday with the focus on our fantastic local video game studio sponsors.

Expanded management team helped to deliver a smooth event in our most challenging year ever.

Summary of Challenges:

Despite a space increase of nearly 100%, space continues to be a major concern given growth. 2015 will see the addition of 18,000sqft as we take over Crystal Gardens as well. Ticket sale limits will once again be implemented for our 2015 show as we are expecting 4000 to 5000 attendees. We continue to encourage advance ticket purchases.

Opening night lineups were looong but we keep it moving thanks to our fantastic volunteers. 2015 will see a 100% increase in badge registration check-in kiosks will include designated advance ticket holder check-in location in a different area to provide additional benefit for advance ticket holders. We are also going to do our best to open will call for a period of time the Thursday night before the convention opens.

Announcement system was reported to be disruptive and annoying. We are exploring options for 2015 such as an announcement app that attendees can choose to receive and a scheduled convention wide announcement track for major content and emergencies only.

The new venue has a confusing layout and despite our large floor plan posters, attendees had a hard time finding events. We are looking to implement “Ask Me” stations at various locations on the convention floor with signage and volunteers to direct and answer questions. We will also have more area specific floor banners created to help identify key areas from a distance.

Freeplay board game tables were in short supply despite significant expansion. We will be increasing space allocation in 2015.

“Puke-achu”…enough said

BYOC attendees had a long haul with their gear. In 2015 we will implement a “porter” system where volunteers will help transport gear with dollies. Also we are considering early check-in and PC setup for BYOC attendees on Friday.

The auction was hugely successful again but the structure of how it is operated needs to be modified to deal with the volume of items and the processing time of sellers and buyers. We are exploring options for 2015.

The food court was hard to find. Unfortunately the space used was the closest available space that was available for use by the Empress for 2014. 2015 will see the food court move to a more accessible and visible location.

Outside food brought in by all levels of stakeholders was noted by GottaCon and venue staff alike. As per our policies and the policies of the venue, outside food is not permitted. We understand this is a change from previous GottaCon events but we have new event partners and we would like everyone to respect the policies in place.

Alcohol brought in by attendees was out of control. As a result 2015 will see mandatory bag checks. Any alcohol found on a person that is unopened will need to be immediately removed from the facility or left at coat check. Any open alcohol will be confiscated, the attendee in possession of it will have their badge revoked and will be removed from the venue for the remainder of the event.

Theft was an issue this year with numerous items going missing from the tournament system area. If by chance you accidently took home one of our Logitech G35 headsets and/or G400s mice we sure would appreciate their safe return…no questions asked.
GottaCon would like to thank all the fantastic volunteers and event coordinators who came out and made the event awesome as well as the amazing sponsors that helped us deliver events with excellent prizes.

Another big thanks to our area managers; BC Gamer, Sol Kauffman, Chris Gensey, Jules Sherred, Lee Guille, Mike Gruber, Glenn Morgan, Paul Puhallo, Kellan Johnson and Wilf Rondeau.

If you have any feedback please send a email to Carson Upton: cupton@gottacon.com.

Look for more information on GottaCon 2015, Feb 27 to Mar 1, 2015 coming soon to our website!

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Re: GottaCon 2014 Moves to New Location and New Dates

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