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#1 : : August 31, 2013. @ 06:07 AM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Magnavox Odyssey
Joined: August 2013

eSports Canada LANs

Hi Woot Events Community. I landed here when I was looking for the Zero Ping LAN community. They have apparently migrated to this site and so I was asked to create an introduction thread so that I can get to know some of you.

My name is Frank "eSCJovian" Ricci. I have been casting SC2 events in Toronto and beyond for some time. I am also a part of eSports Canada, a not-for-profit eSports Organization which tries to promote eSports in Canada. Because I am based in Toronto, I feel that we are due for a large LAN event (something that aspires to be great like LAN ETS - a 1,000+ person LAN in Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

I plan to start small but wanted to reach out to the Zero Ping community who used to run LAN events in and around the Toronto area.

Message me if you want to coordinate some sweet LAN's in Toronto.

Looking forward to hear from you!

#2 : : November 23, 2018. @ 06:36 AM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Magnavox Odyssey
Joined: November 2018

Re: eSports Canada LANs

Do you still organize LAN events in Toronto, Frank? Does the LAN scene even exist in Toronto at this point?