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#1 : : January 20, 2013. @ 10:53 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Coleco Gemini
Joined: June 2012

LANified! 13: The Swarm, Calgary Mar 23-24


LANified! invites you to our next great event, LANified! 13: The Swarm. This event is a two day LAN party, consisting of casual gaming, tournaments, file sharing, on-site concession and plenty of prizes. The event runs from Saturday Noon Mar 23rd 2013 to Sunday 6pm Mar 24th 2013 in Calgary Alberta Canada.

We will be running the following tournaments:

Team Fortress 2 3v3 KotH: Rules and Format
Super Smash Brothers: Melee 1v1: Rules and Format
Super Smash Brothers: Melee 2v2: Rules and Format
Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm 2v2: Rules and Format

And the following mini-tournaments:

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm 8-Player FFA: Rules and Format
Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive 10-Player FFA: Rules and Format
Team Fortress 2: Rocket Jumping FFA: Rules and Format

But what is a LAN party?

LAN parties are gaming events where people bring their computers (desktops or laptops) to a designated location and connect them all in one network. Our event will also have a console tournament on-site in addition to computer space.

Okay, that sounds interesting, why should I haul my rig to such an event?

It is true, it can sometimes be a pain to move your computer, but there are great things going on at LAN parties. There will be plenty of other people there who love gaming and want to play games with you. You'll be able to discover games you haven''t seen before, form teams to compete in tournaments and win cash, stay up late playing crazy mods together, swap files at blazing gigabit speeds and so much more. Our LAN parties offer a continual event where you get to come and have a lot of fun with other gamers, you might even make some friends.

You sold me, I want to go, what do I need to know?

If you plan to attend our event we recommend you head to the event page and sign up. You make an account (or use one if you already have one), then on the event page hit the sign-up button once you've logged in. If you are absolutely certain you are attending we highly recommend you prepay. Once you sign up, go back to the event page, then hit prepay, it's in the same spot, the rest should be a breeze. Prepaying guarantees you a seat and is more affordable than our at the door price.

For full details of our coming event, head to the Event Details.

LANified! runs public services for people to use. We invite you to use them as you see fit. Primarily, we welcome you to come use our mumble server (voice.lanified.com default port). It's a fully public server, so come use it as you see fit, and there's plenty of room to go around. We use it all the time, and so do many others. If you want a channel added, just ask. Mumble is a great VoIP tool, with the lowest latency of all the VoIP tools, plus supports Windows/Mac/Linux. If you aren't using Mumble to communicate with your gaming comrades, maybe now is the time to change that. If you don't have Mumble installed, head to: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/

If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or contact us on our own forum.

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#2 : : January 27, 2013. @ 04:17 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Coleco Gemini
Joined: June 2012

Re: LANified! 13: The Swarm, Calgary Mar 23-24

Good news everyone! We have some new developments for our coming event:

First, we are proud to announce the details for our Starcraft 2 tournament! It will be a 2v2 Double Elimination tournament where players use the Heart of the Swarm version. Matches will be bo1 (Best of 1) until semi-finals. Semi-finals will have bo3 matches, and finals will have bo5 matches. The map list will not be announced until nearer to the event, as the game has not yet been released. For full rule details, head to: http://www.lanified.com/tournaments/details/32

Second, we also will be hosting mini-tournaments! We will be hosting a Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm 8-player Free-For-Fall (FFA) mini-tournament, as well as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) 8-player FFA Arms Race mini-tournament. What are the prizes for each of these mini-tournaments? The winner from each tournament will walk away with a delicious TredNET Wireless Media bridge! It features delicious 802.11N speeds up to 450mbps wireless, 4 gigabit ports and other awesome features. Check them out: http://www.trendnet.com/products/prodde … MB&cat=157

Third, even though we only announced or event a week ago, we already have 19 people signed up! That's 38% of our capacity! At this rate, we could easily run out of seats soon.

To check out the rest of the details for the event, head to: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/10/3

#3 : : February 17, 2013. @ 04:44 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Coleco Gemini
Joined: June 2012

Re: LANified! 13: The Swarm, Calgary Mar 23-24

But wait, there's more!

Not only are we increasing how many matches of each mini-tournament there are, we're also adding a new mini-tournament! We're also adjusting the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arms Race FFA mini-tournament from 8 Player to 10 Player.

For our Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm 8-Player FFA and Conter-Strike: Global Offensive 10-Player Arms Race FFA mini tournaments, we will be adding two more matches for each, so 6 total (3 each). Each match with it's own prize! The prize for each of these  mini-tournament's first match will be a TrendNET TEW-680MB Media Bridge, but the rest is a surprise!

We're not done yet! In addition to these matches we will be having a Team Fortress 2 Rocket Jumping mini-tournament! For this mini-tournament the first person to pass each phase of the mini-tournament wins a prize! There will be 4 phases, each harder than the previous. Just like the other mini-tournaments we will not announce the map in advance, so get your rockets reloading and your feed exploding!

We're working really hard to make this event a fantastic event. We know you'll have a great time. So come join us! To check out the full event details and signup/prepay head to: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/10/3

#4 : : February 18, 2013. @ 03:11 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Coleco Gemini
Joined: June 2012

Re: LANified! 13: The Swarm, Calgary Mar 23-24

That's it? Certainly not!

We have finalized the prizing for our Super Smash Brothers: Melee tournament.... But we also added another Super Smash Brothers: Melee tournament too! We are now not only hosting the Super Smash Brothers: Melee 1v1 tournament, but we're also hosting a 2v2 tournament too! The rules and prizing for both have been finalized.

Entrance for each Super Smash Brothers: Melee tournament is separate. So you can enter one, or both! It's up to you. We will not be running them at the same time, and we will announce the schedule at a later date. If you plan to attend for just our Smash Brothers tournaments please sign up so others can see that you're planning to come. We do not offer prepay for our Smash Brothers tournaments at this time, sorry :(

To check out the full details head to: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/10/3

That's not all. We've also updated our Minecraft servers to the latest version of Bukkit! Minecraft can be a real pain to keep up to date, especially with Bukkit. The latest whitelisting requests for our mineb legacy server have already been processed, but if you want to get on the whitelist for mineb head to: http://www.lanified.com/forums/viewtopi … =21&t=5476

To join us on the minecraft servers connect to:
minea.lanified.com (some pvp with factions, newish world)
mineb.lanified.com (no pvp, legacy, whitelist)

#5 : : February 24, 2013. @ 07:11 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Coleco Gemini
Joined: June 2012

Re: LANified! 13: The Swarm, Calgary Mar 23-24

Our coming event is less than one month away, but there's still plenty happening! Not only that but we have more than 60% of our capacity signed up already!

We have put a lot of work into our tournaments, but some people are confused by some of the methods we utilize. A lot of people ask us, why use Round-Robin? We utilize Round-Robin for multiple reasons. One of the more notable reasons is that each and every entrant gains a guaranteed minimum number of games before being eliminated. For example, in our groups of 6 round-robin stages each entrant gets at least 5 matches no matter what! Compare this to Double Elimination where you get a minimum of 2 matches, and Single elimination with a 1 match minimum, one can easily see that you get more matches in before being eliminated with Round-Robin. We also utilize round-robin because it is a fairer contest, It means that those who advance to the following stages are fierce competitors, which can make spectating matches much more exciting! We don't always employ Round-Robin, but we do when we feel it will yield the best results.

One of the added benefits of putting a lot of effort into our tournaments is that we are able to provide a schedule in advance of the event and adhere to it. Our hard work ensures that tournaments do not go over-schedule, and in turn entrants can plan around which tournaments they want to enter, and know when they begin.

To see the schedule for our coming event head to the event details at: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/10/3

We also have made the following adjustments to the coming tournaments:

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm 2v2:
+Changed format from Double Elimination to 2-Stage (see event details for full ruleset and format)
+Finalized ruleset and format apart from maps
*Maps not yet announced till HotS has launched

Team Fortress 2: 3v3 King of the Hill
+Finalized ruleset, format and banlist

Super Smash Brothers: Melee 2v2
-Removed Fountain of Dreams map due to reports of lag

We also would like to announce that our delicious concession will again be on-site for the coming event! The concession provides on-site hot meals, drinks and snacks. The menu consists of many delicious meals, delivered to you at the event! The concession typically stays open as late as people are still hungry, sometimes as late as 2am. How convenient!

As we mentioned, our event is less than a month away. We have only 50 seats total and we already have 60% signed up! If you are as excited about gaming as we are and want to ensure your seat and support what we are doing, prepay! Prepaying guarantees your seat as we do not oversell! If you know anyone who is also interested in coming, bring them along! There's plenty of gaming happening, and the more the merrier. For full event details, to sign up and to prepay head to: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/10/3

#6 : : March 10, 2013. @ 06:30 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Coleco Gemini
Joined: June 2012

Re: LANified! 13: The Swarm, Calgary Mar 23-24

Our coming event is closing fast. It's less than two weeks away! As such, we will be closing prepay in a week, Saturday March 16th. We have 43 people signed up, that's 85% of our capacity! The only way to guarantee yourself a seat, and save some money, is to prepay. Prepaying has many benefits, but most importantly it lets others know that you're coming, and they will want to come too. If you're planning to come we highly recommend you prepay while you still can! We don't oversell events, so to ensure your seat you will need to prepay.

Attending LAN parties isn't always just about gaming. Many people come for the social aspect, and the file sharing. You get to meet all kinds of people who enjoy games just like you, you may even discover games you've never heard of. Not only that but if you have an issue with your computer there will be plenty of people to help you out! The majority of LANified! staff work with computers professionally and have many years of experience; a great resource when you have problems of any kind. If you want some help, just ask us or anyone at the event! Even still, you get to meet all kinds of people in various industries, including IT or technology industries; it's a great place to socially network!

It's also worth reminding those interested in our event that outside of the console tournament schedule the console systems will be available for open play, to everyone! If you want to jump on and play some smash brothers between other stuff, just do it! We will have three stations setup for the tournament and open play. If you plan to play on the stations please bring your own controller, this helps avoid several complications, but we will be providing everything else!

At each console station there will be a display, a set of speakers, the gamecube system setup conveniently, and 2x 3.5mm (headphone plug) connections for anyone to use headphones with! In a tournament this can be important if you want to listen for audible queues. The speakers and headphone plugs will both be setup.

We have a fantastic event lined up, but it doesn't happen if people don't show up! If you love gaming, want to meet lots of others who do too, enter tournaments, or jump into any other thing going on, then just make sure you attend! If you also know people who would be interested in our events, do us all (especially them) a favor and get them in on it!

For full event details, to sign up and prepay head to: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/10/3

#7 : : March 21, 2013. @ 05:05 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Coleco Gemini
Joined: June 2012

Re: LANified! 13: The Swarm, Calgary Mar 23-24

We are on the cusp of our event, but there are some important technicalities we must observe. Those who are attending our event, be it for the BYOC part of the console tournaments, must sign our waiver. If you are under 18 years of age your waiver must be signed by your legal guardian/parent. A parent can sign it in advance of the event, however the best scenario is having the parent sign the waiver at check-in of the event. You can find the waiver here. We can print you off a copy at the event, however we will not admit anyone if they do not have a properly signed waiver, this includes guests. Oh, as a reminder, guests are welcome to come hang out at the event!

Also, if you find that you're not sure how to get to our event, you can go to the location page for this event (here), find the address for the location, and get directions to the event from your point of origin.

If this is your first time attending our event, we highly recommend you review the "What to bring" and "What not to bring" list on the event details page (here).

#8 : : April 5, 2013. @ 09:17 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  

Coleco Gemini
Joined: June 2012

Re: LANified! 13: The Swarm, Calgary Mar 23-24

Not too long ago we wrapped up our latest event, LANified! 13: The Swarm. Our man ReAn took some really sweet shots at the event! To check them out head to our facebook album page for the event at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set … 861&type=1

We had a blast, and from what we hear a lot of other people did too! If you want to check out the feedback for the event, or if you attended and haven't given your feedback yet, head to the thread at: http://www.lanified.com/forums/viewtopi … 20&t=84123 . We want to hear the good and the bad! So don't be shy.

But wait, there's more! Our next event is already announced! If you haven't checked it out and signed up for it, head to: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/11/3

The tournaments have not yet been announced, but we are working on some services behind the scenes before we announce them. Sorry for the delays!

If you want to keep up with us, you can follow us on facebook (http://facebook.lanified.com), join us on mumble (voice.lanified.com default port), or just check our site from time to time! We play games too, so feel free to join in on some fun on the mumble server, it's free!