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Emerge Gaming

Here is my article, hope you guys like it. Currently trying to get Emerge promoted and get gamers on site! thanks!

Have you ever been deeply immersed into a moment in video game history where what you are laying your eyes upon, you feel, should be captured and shared to the world? So gamers everywhere can see the action, feel the triumph, and get a taste of victory? Or perhaps you have come across one of the most hilarious Easter eggs any game has to offer and you need a snap shot of that brilliant sight. Emerge is what you do with your screenshots. It’s how you present them and get them seen. You Vote, Compete, Submit and View.
Voting on Emerge is there to promote your screenshot and voice your opinion on a selection of snap shots. Using a variety of different polls, anyone is able to freely and without a care cast their ballot on which screenshot is up to their par. On Emerge, you can also vote on competition shots. Anyone can submit their screenshot to the competition. Once in, it is put among other competitors where the community can then vote on which shot will be the winner.
Competing on Emerge is a wonderful tool and, if you’re good with shots, can get you some prizes. Enter into a competition and have your epic screen be thrown into the fighting ring to duke it out with other shots. Users can vote on which screenshot is their personal favorite; along with competing for the win, the Emerge team will analyze each screenshot with care and have a large influence on who comes out on top.
You want your shot seen! So submit it. Submitting is easy; there are two different ways you can get your pic on-site. On the front page, you provide a few key bits of information and bing! You’re done! Also, if you’re interested in submitting two or more pictures, we have a page dedicated to allowing you full access to multiple uploads at once!
Viewing is gold. Emerge has its own cache of gaming screenshots, which is where your screen will go once you submit it. Clicking through an amazing store house filled with legendary gaming snap shots has never been so easy. Whether you’re on a mobile device, or on your home computer, viewing is fast, clean and rewarding.
Emerge is here to provide gamers with their opportunity; its here to give gamers a chance to have their shots seen. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… is yours? For loads of more information and to get in on everything above, head over to www.emerge-gaming.com.
        -Christian Ashliman, CEO Emerge Gaming