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#1 : : June 14, 2012. @ 02:52 PM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  


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Etherlan, Southern Manitoba's largest and fastest growing Lan Party

History of Etherlan:

Etherlan was initiated by Michael Bremner as he tried to revive an old lan in winkler which went by the name of "uberlan." a 150 man lan hosted many years before etherlan's first event.  From a house lan, it soon grew fast enough to host at larger locations.  There is now a partnership with a youth center named "The Bunker" and has a permanent network and location to host its events.  It has come a long way, and there is planning to try and grow a lan scene in the regina/moosejaw area under the name of Etherlan.



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Re: Etherlan, Southern Manitoba's largest and fastest growing Lan Party

I recommend people check this one out! ICY strives to host a "classic LAN party" with a focus on everyone having a blast and gaming, rather than just structured tournament play.

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