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#1 : : May 29, 2012. @ 06:45 PM GMT Post Rating: +1  

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[Tutorial] Combining Audio + 1 Image for YouTube.

This is a good technique for promoting your own podcasts or indie music on YouTube.

All you need is a copy of the free, open source FFMPEG application. On Windows, download WinFF: http://winff.org and go to the C:\Program Files\WinFF directory. On GNU/Linux distributions this should come pre-installed.

1. Place your image.png and audio.mp3 in the same directory as the ffmpeg executable and run the following command from your terminal or command prompt. For best results use a 1280x720 image resolution.

ffmpeg -shortest -y -loop 1 -i image.png -i audio.mp3 -acodec copy -vcodec libx264 result.mp4

2. Wait for processing to finish and enjoy.


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#2 : : November 30, 2012. @ 12:17 AM GMT Post Rating: Neutral  


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Re: [Tutorial] Combining Audio + 1 Image for YouTube.

lol, easy to do :) soooo.....

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