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WCL - Q&A How to host a lan party

Hey everyone,

Del here from West Coast Lan, I'm here today to answer your questions about hosting a lan party. Once we have a decent amount of questions and answers I will submit them to the wiki for all to read.

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Re: WCL - Q&A How to host a lan party

Great topic for the wiki Del. Here is a random blurb of thoughts that come to mind when hosting a LAN. Now I am only using my previous education when it comes to past LAN's that we have run.

1) I cannot stress enough about having a decently sized venue (along with kitchen/cafeteria). A venue will be your first point in ensuring successful LAN. While venue plays a factor in how many people can participate, or even services offered (eg internet, network, etc) this will obviously be your first starting point to any LAN.

2) "PR" aka Public Relations. Building a relationship with all important people ranging from venue management, gamer community to staff is important to ensure successful drive of the LAN. Who says that word of mouth can definitely bring great results for turn out or even volunteer help!

3) Food/beverages. While your venue will be key in this area, providing ample offerings for food and beverages will be beneficial for participants. Heck you can even be the "1337" LAN and source down bawls energy drink. Nothing like some g33k b33r to add to the LAN.

4) Network and internet. Who says you can't game on 56k dial up ;) kidding. Network and infrastructure is another area that will allow your gamers and participants easy access to resource on local LAN + internet for all those gigs and gigs of steam updates. Proper L3 connectivity + distribution to all participants is key.

5) Optional - renting computers. If you are able to source the venue and perhaps swing a deal in with using rental PC's, you are game. Obviously with technology always changing it is difficult to ensure "latest and greatest" PC's out there but great for the gamers who are on a budget or perhaps do not want to haul their rig down to the event.

6) Sponsorship and prizes. Everyone likes a good game of TF2 and other games. Make it a memorable event and promote prizes and swag. Depending on economic hardship and budgets, most vendors will gladly contribute to events to ensure promotion of their brand. While most participants are at the LAN for fun and not really aiming towards winning anything, it's another perk.

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Re: WCL - Q&A How to host a lan party

Good information, man. I'll be adding what I can to the wiki hosting guide.

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