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Gamers HQ + Gamers World Vernon Hills 20 Hour monthly LAN

Local to Southern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois and want a LAN spot to pop by regularly?

Gamers World Vernon Hills and Gamers HQ are collaborating to make the 12 Hour Over Night LAN Parties 20 Hours long!

This event is held over 2 locations, Gamers World Vernon Hills and Gamers HQ out in Third Lake.

From 10 AM to 6 PM Gamers World Vernon Hills will be housing everything listed in Gamers HQ's party room during their overnight LANs.

The following games are a staple to the lineup: Clone Hero (PC), Rock Band 4 (Xbox One), Smash Ultimate (Switch). We also have 4 Original Xbox Systems available with various games (sometimes all running the same game on LAN), a Dreamcast, and a Super Nintendo.

When 6 PM Hits, I will pack up the Gamers World Vernon Hills Setup and promptly ship it on over to Gamers HQ where the Party Room will be set up.

This LAN happens the first Friday of every Month. If you are Renting a System at Gamers HQ it costs $25, it includes Pizza and Soda. If you are BYOC then it's $15. For the Gamers World Event it is $5 flat. Systems are on a Quarters up ruling meaning if a line is queued, the loser of whatever game then rotates for the next player in line.

Gamers HQ Requires an RSVP, you can contact them via Gamers HQ's Facebook

Gamers World Vernon Hills does not require an RSVP, you can join the conversations at our Facebook, Discord, or our Reddit

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