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LANtoberfest 2k21

LAN Party organized by IELAN

Event Details

Start Date and Time
October 15th, 2021
End Date and Time
October 17th, 2021
Expected Attendance
United States

Lake Elsinore , California
Age Limits
Internet (T1 or better)
Alcohol Allowed?

BYOC - Bring your own PC. Don't have a PC? We MIGHT be able to hook you up with a loaner. Contact the host if you wish to RSVP a computer. Otherwise not guaranteed. -------------------------------------------------- WE HAVE COMFY CHAIRS! Leave your chair at home. -------------------------------------------------- Bring your computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, power strip, 20ft ethernet cable, mouse pad, pc/monitor power cord, monitor data (HDMI/DP/DVI/VGA) cord. -------------------------------------------------- A music jukebox will be playing the entire duration of the LAN. So you're probably safe leaving your speakers at home but if you prefer to game with speakers, feel free. Just no music battles. -------------------------------------------------- BYOB or whatever you're going to drink. -------------------------------------------------- Lunch Saturday = TBD (Possibly Beer Brats?) -------------------------------------------------- $20 LAN fee/donation to cover cleaning, power, AC, tables, food, drinks, props, chairs, equipment, etc. Using a pre-registration LAN fee also helps us better gauge attendance as people are more committed and less likely to flake if there's an Andrew Jackson attached to their commitment. No refunds. -------------------------------------------------- The beer fridge in the garage and cooler in the backyard are for guests. The kitchen fridge is off limits. -------------------------------------------------- If you can't handle your alcohol, don't drink. No one wants to clean up puke from an unconscious person. -------------------------------------------------- Treat everyone's property with respect. You break it, you buy it. Probably not invited back. -------------------------------------------------- Sleeping - We have two guest rooms, living room, garage and backyard for you to crash. ⚠️GAMES LIST TF2 - Free on Steam COD4 - LAN EDITION $FREE.99 Install this MOD UT2K4 - LAN EDITION $FREE.99

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