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LAN-slide v11.0

LAN Party organized by Withdr4wn, Nuke, HoldenRulz, Darkmerv, ZimbiX, Crafty

Event Details

Start Date and Time
April 11th, 2015 @ 10:00 AM
End Date and Time
April 12th, 2015 @ 6:00 AM
Expected Attendance
Australia and New Zealand
Aspendale Gardens Community Centre
103 Kearney Drive, Aspendale Gardens, VIC 3195
Melbourne , Victoria
Age Limits
Internet (T1 or better)
Alcohol Allowed?

LAN-slide v11.0 LAN-slide will be holding a LAN party on April 11th to April 12th. We are South East Melbourne’s largest BYO-PC LAN Party, and have newly expanded, now with capacity for up to 200 players. All individuals and teams are welcome to attend LAN-slide (casual, competitive, and everything in-between). LAN-slide aims to keep a positive atmosphere and a strong community. Network cables provided. Come for the games, stay for the community =) Main comps - League of Legends - (x2: Novice & Open tiers) - sponsored by PLE Computers: $150 PLE vouchers, Rammus hats, $50 PLE vouchers, and Teemo hats - Dota 2 - sponsored by SteelSeries: Apex keyboards, QcK+ mousepads, and mice (TBC) - CS:GO - sponsored by Plantronics: RIG surround, GameCom 788, and GameCom 308 headsets - Smite - sponsored by Gigabyte: H97-GAMING 3 motherboards See the comp posters on our site for a better idea of which prizes are for which winning place. Fun comps - Age of Empires II HD - Hearthstone - Minecraft Obstacle Course - CS:GO Arms Race - FlatOut 2 - Screencheat - Next Car Game: Wreckfest - Super Smash Bros (Wii U) - FIFA 15 (PS4) - Guitar Hero (Xbox 360) - Skulling contest - Cards Against Humanity - Pass the parcel - Paper aeroplanes This event (V11.0) will be held at the Aspendale Gardens Community Centre - 40 mins South-East of the CBD. A shopping center is right next door for your convenience. Join us on Facebook -ZimbiX Event Coordinator

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