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avaLANche II

LAN Party organized by Anthony Head

Event Details

Start Date and Time
July 20th, 2013
End Date and Time
July 21st, 2013
Expected Attendance
Australia and New Zealand
18 White st, East Bunbury
Bunbury , WA
Age Limits
Internet (T1 or better)
Alcohol Allowed?

We are proud to announce our second LAN; Avalanche II is taking place on the 20th and 21st of July 2013. After our first LAN we heard many requests for more space so we have moved to a larger venue; the South West Italian Club. Just like last time we will be running several tournaments. Keep an eye out for the Tournament schedule and Prizes which will be published here at later date. Tournaments ran at our last LAN that are likely to return include: Team Fortress 2, Starcraft 2, Trackmania and Halo CE. More information and tickets available at our website:

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