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GottaCon 2013 LAN

Gaming Convention organized by GottaCon Events

Event Details

Start Date and Time
February 1st, 2013
End Date and Time
February 3rd, 2013
Expected Attendance
3100 Tillicum Road
Victoria , British Columbia
Age Limits
Internet (T1 or better)
Alcohol Allowed?

GottaCon 2013 is coming soon, and the PC LAN will be bigger than ever! Over 110 seats for BYOC gamers and thousands of dollars in prizes will make for an unforgettable weekend. Check out for complete information on all of our tournaments and events. Our LAN is sponsored by Logitech G-Series Other sponsors include: ASTRO, ROCCAT, Kingston, Gunnar, MadCatz, Ubisoft,, Canadian Joysticks, and more. - League of Legends 5v5 sponsored by Logitech G-Series - StarCraft II 1v1 sponsored by Kingston Other events include ShootMania, Chivalry, Left4Dead, TF2, Battlefield 3, and much much more! Participate in other cool events like the Zombie Shooting Gallery or kick back and watch some live broadcasts by eSports Collective! Entry is included with your GottaCon weekend pass, but BYOC space is limited - pre-sales end January 22nd and tickets available at the door are limited! GottaCon also plays host to tabletop wargaming, Magic: The Gathering and other TCGs, board games, RPGs, Panels, Exhibitors, Vendors, and a huge Console section complete with its own tournaments and prizes. Everything you need to know is at

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