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R2_LAN2 PC Gamers LAN

LAN Party organized by Sam / Luke

Event Details

Start Date and Time
November 24th, 2012
End Date and Time
November 25th, 2012
Expected Attendance
50 - 80
Australia and New Zealand
Secret Warehouse Location
Address Given to Registered Players
Marrickville , Sydney
$30 1Day - $50 2Days
Age Limits
Internet (T1 or better)
Alcohol Allowed?

E-Sport Gamers LAN Date: 10:00AM 24/11/2012 – 10:00PM 25/11/2012 (That’s right 2 days!! :D ) Location: Warehouse in Marrickville (For the safety and security of attendees, full address will only be provided to registered players) Cost: $30 for 1 day or $50 for 2 days Includes: - Massive BBQ Lunch on Each Day - Entry into all competitions - Safe and Secure Competitive environment Cash Prize Competition: - CS:GO - 4v4 - COD4 - 5v5 - HoN - 5v5 - UT2k4 – FFA - TrackMania – FFA Plus many more organized comps and events during the course of the 2days. Registration Details as follows: 1. Message the following to Full Name Alias Number of Days wanting to Attend 2. Payment details and Registration Reference number will be sent out to you. Information: BYO - PC, Monitor, LAN and Power Cables, Keyboard, Mouse etc. HEADPHONES ONLY NO SPEAKERS PLEASE Food/Drinks/Snacks available onsite for cheap prices If you planning on Sleeping (I can understand some are only human) a sleeping bag and pillow would be advised.

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