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Are you a video game journalist or cinematographer looking to build an audience? Feature your articles, videos or other content right here on LAN Party List. We'd be happy to promote you, your website and build a relationship with you.

Some of the content we are interested in featuring:

  • Digital rights.
  • Industry talk and interviews.
  • Gamer and consumer rights material and resources.
  • "How To" guides.
  • Independent games and developers.
  • First impressions content. See Total Biscuit's "WTF is..." video series.
  • Well produced "Let's play!" content. See Something Awful's "Let's Play!" forum.

Content we will not feature:

  • Press Release based material, especially of blockbuster games. We are not PR cheerleaders.

Submit your content to the Article Drafting forum (and get user feedback too!) or email us directly at: