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By the community, for the community. LAN Party List has a rich history with progenitors reaching back to 2006. Over time the spirit of the website has been through various revisions: humble beginnings as a local event listing site in British Columbia, then expanding outwards to Canada as LAN Party EH on the national level. The current site serves as a focal point for LAN Party goers worldwide.

LAN Party List serves the community as a networking resource for events, and an independent media outlet.

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Looking to contact the people behind the site? Feel free to post on the forum. Or if you prefer email, you can contact us at:

Heroes of LAN Party List

Nathaniel Sabanski

Nathaniel Sabanski aka gnat

Creator // Managing Editor

LAN Party List is the brainchild of Nathaniel Sabanski aka gnat, a fearless Software Developer, lifetime gamer and community man from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Actively participating in the LAN scene for over a decade, he is a strong community advocate.

"I'll be lanning until I'm 80 years old."
Robert Dykstra

Robert Dykstra aka sevecon

Cinematographer // Contributing Editor

Battle brother Rob is our resident cinematographer and runs his own internet gaming channel: PlusOneGaming Reviews. He is a well respected member of the LAN Party scene in British Columbia. He is built like a space marine.

Del Morrison

Del Morisson aka Fapking

Contributing Editor // Noob Gangbanger

Throughout the years the "Fapking" has established himself as a well respected Lanner, working alongside gnat to put on Starcraft Tournaments, organize sponsorships, perform technical support and the like. He is currently in the preliminary stages of crafting his own hardcore-style event. The Fapking is also widely known for his game servers, and always has a Bawls ready in hand.

"You're gunna like the way you look, I guarantee it."
Matthew Hartrick

Matthew Hartrick aka matty12h

Photographer // Contributing Editor

An "originalfag" from many years past, Matt nearly went pro in Counter Strike back in the day, but decided to make a more humble lifestyle and get his degree. Mr. Hartrick is our resident event photographer, working alongside gnat at Starcraft Tournaments, and gaming conventions.

"Yogscast got half a million in funding? Might as well burn the money."

Special Thanks

LAN Party List was made possible by a number of brilliant people:

Extra special thanks to:

  • The fine dudes behind the long gone Thanks for keeping the scene rocking for as long as you did!