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Gaming Terminology

Blizzard Epic
Nothing is "Epic" anymore when everything is "Epic".

Acronym for Bring Your Own Computer.

LAN or LAN Party
LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network, which is a way of connecting multiple computers together in a manner that allows the hardware to communicate very quickly. With the advent of multiplayer gaming, LAN Parties offer a way to play head-to-head with others in a lag-free environment. Advantages of a LAN include the ability to meet the gamers you're playing with, and to learn more about computer hardware and applications. The close proximity of players enables levels of interaction, coordination and smack talk unseen in ordinary online multiplayer.

"Low Ping Bastard". Used to negatively refer to players with low pings.

Ping Fucked
Occurs when one team has a much lower overall ping time to the server than another team. The server is purposely selected to achieve this effect.

One of the voicechat options in Tribes to voice frustration; a synonym for "Shit!". "Shazbot" is an allusion to the situation comedy Mork & Mindy.