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Ascendance LAN Party 6.14.19

LAN Party organized by Ascendance Gaming Center

Event Details

Start Date and Time
June 14th, 2019
End Date and Time
June 15th, 2019
Expected Attendance
United States
583 Billinis Road
Suite 5
South Salt Lake , UT
United States
Age Limits
PG-13 Maturity
Internet (T1 or better)
Alcohol Allowed?

***Ascendance Gaming Center Weekly LAN Party*** Loud awkward nerdy goodness. Bring friends or make some here. Free to spectate (popcorn not included). 8PM - 4AM $5 YOUR PC - We provide empty station with internet, power, chair, and table space. $20 OUR PC - 144Hz+ Monitor, GTX 1070+ PC, KB, mouse, and headset included, but you can substitute your own peripherals if you prefer. Snacks available for “pretty good pricing”! Optional: Additional $5 to pitch in on pizza or whatever. Ascendance is in a light industrial area. Look for a long brick building with a green overhang perpendicular to the road. You’ll see our sign on suite #5.

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