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LAN Party organized by FITES

Event Details

Start Date and Time
March 9th, 2019
End Date and Time
March 11th, 2019
Expected Attendance
United States
5401 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
Mechanicsburg , Pennsylvania
United States
Age Limits
Internet (T1 or better)
Alcohol Allowed?

We will be hosting our 16th annual FITES 250 Man LAN from March 8th to the 10th in Mechanicsburg, PA! See below for information concerning the event and if you have any questions please post below and we will be happy to help! Hope to see everyone make the event as we are planning some awesome things! FITES looks to fill the void between the next big Pennsylvania LAN by hosting our 16th annual 250 man LAN! Across 47 hours we will be running tourneys, having raffles, and fragging! Some of the events and features at our LAN to look forward to among many others are: Sleeping on site! You don't even have to leave the facility! Discount room rates Friendly staff & help desk on hand Fiber connection! Restaurant/Bar on site Raffles/Tourneys/Prizes Check out our Tournament page for updates as we will be adding them soon! Tickets will start going even faster as the new year comes around, we hope to see you at the LAN! Again, any questions please post here and let us know or visit our website and click on the Discord icon and come hang out and chat with us!

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