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Gyostage VI

LAN and Console Party organized by Diginatiivit

Event Details

Start Date and Time
October 12th, 2018
End Date and Time
October 14th, 2018
Expected Attendance
Europe. UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia etc.
Opistotie 4
10 - 70€
Age Limits
Internet (T1 or better)
Alcohol Allowed?

48 h long, continuous, gaming event in Kuopio Organizer: Savon Diginatiivit ry Dates: 12. – 14.10.2018 Location: Kuopio hall, Opistotie 4, 70200 Kuopio, Finland Gyostage is a 48 hour long, continuous, gaming event held annually in Kuopio. The event has now been organized annually for the past five years. This year Gyostage will be organized at 12th - 14th of October for the sixth time and it has established itself as one of the largest gaming events in Finland. The event grew during it's first three years to it's current size and our growth has only been limited by the venue. The event is build with volunteers and it's main focus is computer gaming, electronic sports and responsible upbringing in gaming.

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