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LAN Party List is dedicated to uniting gamers and promoting the LAN Party scene and all video game events worldwide! Find LAN parties, conventions, gaming meetups, esport tournaments and video game development jams.

LAN and Console Parties
LAN and Console Parties are the classical social events in video gamer circles, dating back to legendary progenitor titles such as Quake and DOOM.

A LAN Party involves a group of friends harnessing the power of a local network for intense, lag-free multiplayer gaming. The close proximity of players enables levels of interaction, coordination and smack talk unseen in ordinary online multiplayer.
Gaming Conventions and Meetups
Gaming Conventions and Meetups are primarily social events which may feature a variety of video game enthusiast related sub-events, cosplay, game music bands, tabletop board games and card games (such as Warhammer 40K, Battletech, and Magic the Gathering), and more.
Esports Tournaments
Esports Tournaments are highly competitive events where skilled video game players compete for a combination of prizes, cash or fame. Spectators are often welcome to sit back and enjoy the show!
Video Game Development Jams
Video Game Development Jams are events which revolve around the art of video game creation.

Focuses range from programming, design, art and audio. These events normally span multiple days and some developers are known for pulling all-nighters in order to complete their magnum opus.

Events Starting Soon

Event Name Event Type Location Start Date
AWOL LAN 25 LAN Party EAU CLAIRE, WI April 17th, 2015
For LAN Sakes Lets Play LAN Party Towanda, Pennsylvania April 18th, 2015
AvaLANche: Arctic Meltdown LAN and Console Party Anchorage, Alaska April 18th, 2015
Baselan 28 LAN and Console Party Winnipeg, Manitoba May 15th, 2015
Atlanta LANFest Summer LAN LAN Party Atlanta, Georgia May 22nd, 2015
the BIG GAME 39 - tBG39 LAN Party Southampton, Hampshire May 29th, 2015
Avalanche VI LAN Party Bunbury, WA May 30th, 2015
epic.FIFTEEN LAN and Console Party Kettering, Northants July 16th, 2015
Zero Ping Heroes LAN 13 LAN Party Lewes, East Sussex July 17th, 2015
Avalanche VII LAN Party Bunbury, WA August 15th, 2015
Apache Lan 14 Is Go!!! LAN Party Bramhall, Stockport August 28th, 2015
Avalanche VIII LAN Party Bunbury, WA November 28th, 2015
NetGame Convention 2015 LAN Party Thun, BE December 10th, 2015

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